WINNER of the RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers (!!!!)

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Wordless about the fact that I was named the winner of the RBC Bronwen Wallace Award, and blessed to have been able to spend time with Rebecca and Ellie. Read their work!

Finalist for the RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers


I’m a finalist for the RBC Bronwen Wallace award from the Writers’ Trust of Canada (alongside some stellar poets!). The winner will be announced at a ceremony in Toronto on May 28th. Click for more information!

Here’s what the Jury (Jordan Abel, Sue Goyette, and Emma Healey) said about these poems:

"Selections from Junebat" is a compelling collision of content and form disrupting gender identity and reckoning with the liminal and silent space that such disruption instigates. John Elizabeth Stintzi’s poems rely on the breaking of grammar and syntactical sequences as well as a re-visioning of Wallace Stevens’ "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" to assert an authentic identity in the speaker’s private and public life. This reckoning and reclamation of self asks readers to consider their own concepts of gender and the difficulties that are faced when gender norms are disrupted. These are brave and timely poems.


Won The Malahat Review’s Long Poem Prize

My poem "Cold Dying Black Wet Cold Dying Thing" was named a winner of The Malahat Review’s 2019 Long Poem Prize! It will be published in the summer issue of the magazine. Read more here.

Here is what the judges (Jordan Abel, Sonnet L'Abbé, and Gillian Sze) said of the poem:

"Cold Dying Black Wet Cold Early Thing" witnesses the brutality of calving season with such visceral tenderness that one can only hold one’s gut and gasp aloud. It grabs the reader with its strange, emotionally and relationally complex opening image, and its recurrence is one that the reader both clings to and dreads. Narratively enthralling and achingly rendered, it illustrates animal life in its most delicate and staccato form.

The Machete Tourist available as PDF eBook

My chapbook has sold out in its physical form, but you can now purchase it as a digital eBook from knife | fork | book’s webshop here for a FRACTION of the price and INSTANTLY.


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Interviewed at The Malahat Review

Poet and editor Patrick Grace interviewed me over at The Malahat Review about my poem “Hale-Bopp” in their Queer Perspectives issue. Check out the interview here and order a copy of the issue!

My short story nominated for “Best American” anthology series

Platypus Press’s journal wildness chose my short story “My Merlin” for their nominee for the Best American Short Stories anthology! Deep thanks to the folks at Platypus Press for their support.

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In Conversation with Lauren Turner on Adroit Journal’s blog

My conversation with one of my knife | fork | book chapbook siblings, Lauren Turner, is up on Adroit Journal’s blog. Check it out here!

Story up on Platypus Press's "wildness"

My short story "My Merlin" was recently published in wildness' August issue (Issue 15). Read it here! 

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Finalist for the Open Border Fiction Prize

I was a finalist for Joyland's 2018 Open Border Fiction Prize, judged by Rachel Khong, for my short story "Grampa's Bag of Bubonic's Brood."

#ThirtyDaysToLife completed

A series of videos I did for poetry month (which I called #ThirtyDaysToLife) has completed. Each day I posted a reading of a poem I like. Simple as that! Check it out on YouTube, or here.


This Podcast Is A Poem

I had an extended visit with the From the Blanket Fort podcast—hosted by Eric and KD—where we talked all things silly and super serious. Check out the episode featuring me—titled This Podcast Is A Poem—here!

Interview with Black Warrior Review

Was interviewed by outgoing fiction editor of Black Warrior Review Emrys Donaldson about my story "Going Toward Gadd." Read that here!


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My poetry chapbook The Machete Tourist was released! You can order it at knife | fork | book by using the PayPal link to send $19, which includes shipping (USD for US, CAD for Canada)

"Going Toward Gadd" in Black Warrior Review

My story "Going Toward Gadd" (which was also a finalist for the 2017 Fiction Contest) has been published in Black Warrior Review's Spring/Summer 2018 issue (44.2). Buy a copy here!


New poem in The Puritan

New poem is in Issue 40 of The Puritan! Read (or listen to me read it) here. Thanks to A. Light Zachary and Catriona Wright for taking it. Check out my poem, then check out the rest of the trove of wonderful work in the new issue.

Nomination for the 2018 Journey Prize

PRISM international has chosen my short story "Notes for My Biography of Wade Owens" (published in their 55:4 Summer 2017 Issue) as their nominee for the Writers' Trust Journey Prize! Special thanks to Christopher Evans (Fiction Editor for the issue!), Kyla Jamieson (current Fiction Editor!), and the whole team at PRISM international who do such great work.

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The Machete Tourist available for pre-order!

My poetry chapbook The Machete Tourist is set to release/launch on March 23, 2018! You can pre-order it at knife | fork | book by using the PayPal link to send $19, which includes shipping. (USD for US, CAD for Canada!)

The Watermill Center residency announced

Exciting news: at the end of November (2018) I will be heading back out into the wilds of Long Island for a 3 week residency at The Watermill Center to further develop one of my novel projects: Field Notes On Desire

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