For April (aka: poetry month!) of 2018 I posted one video daily of me reading a poem that I love. This was meant as a way of spreading my appreciation for these poets and these poems. My performances are not perfect, but the poems are.

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Day 1: Don Share

Day 2: andrea bennett

Day 3: Kaveh Akbar

Day 4: Wisława Szymborska

Day 5: Ken Babstock

Day 6: Kevin Young

Day 7: Moss Angel Witchmonstr

Day 8: Mitchell King

Day 9: Cooper Wilhelm

Day 10: Phyllis Webb

Day 11: Jericho Brown

Day 12: John Stintzi

Day 13: Adèle Barclay

Day 14: Ocean Vuong

Day 15: Brianna Albers

Day 16: Jennifer Still

Day 17: Joelle Barron

Day 18: beyza ozer

Day 19: Thomas Lux

Day 20: Yusef Komunyakaa

Day 21: Joanna C. Valente

Day 22: Danez Smith

Day 23: jayy dodd

Day 24: Claudia Emerson

Day 25: Morgan Parker

Day 26: Billy-Ray Belcourt

Day 27:  Stevie Howell

Day 28: Joshua Jennifer Espinoza

Day 29: Seamus Heaney

Day 30: James Schuyler

Here's the full playlist with all 30 videos: